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Empowering Students

Our Mission

Reforming Arts supports people who are under carceral control in Georgia through arts, education, and reentry services. Our theatre infused higher education in prison and reentry programs foster the development of creative critical thinking and encourage students to explore creative solution and build livable lives.

Reforming Arts works with volunteer instructors from local colleges and universities to provide diverse, multi-dimensional, creative-critical thinking based curriculum to the individuals at Whitworth Women's Facility. Every Monday and Tuesday, the students spend their evenings in a theatre, dance, creative writing, English lit/composition, American Identities, or women’s history. The students self-select to spend time in these classes and complete the assignments. Community is built and possibilities are expanded through intense dialogue and self-exploration. Through reflection, critical analysis and a deeper understanding of the systems at work in their lives, the students gain a greater insight in how to engage in creative-critical thinking regarding reflecting on their past and imagining their future.

Reforming Arts' Theatre Reentry Program creates, performs, and tours original plays about the struggles reentering citizens face after prison. Participants are formerly incarcerated women who were enrolled in Reforming Arts' higher education program while incarcerated. Building upon their work within our higher education program, the participants work with Reforming Arts' Executive Director, Wende Ballew and Professor of Theatre,  and other volunteers to create original plays that explore the struggles of reentry and the systemic problems surrounding mass incarceration in the United States.  

Reforming Arts depends on the generous donations of individuals. Please consider making a one-time gift or recurring contribution. 

We are always looking for volunteers. Click here to fill out a volunteer instructor application. Or send us an email if you would like to serve on our board of directors or volunteer on the "outside."

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