Our Vision 

  • Provide an environment where students can achieve educational goals in order to examine their experiences and build purposeful, meaningful lives.


  • Deliver exemplary higher education classes to women in Georgia’s criminal justice system

  • Participate in a national criminal justice reform movement focused on education as a key to reducing recidivism

  • Enhance the lives of Reforming Arts alumnae through dynamic educational assistance and overall re-entry support through a network of partnering agencies

  • Build community awareness of the impacts of the criminal justice system on the individuals affected by incarceration

  • Over 2.1 million people are incarcerated in the United States


  • The number of women in prison increased by 646% between 1980 and 2010, rising from 15,118 to 112,797


  • Including women in local jails, more than 205,000 women are now incarcerated


  • The number of women in prison increased at nearly 1.5 times the rate of men (646% versus 419%).


  • Over 56,000 people are incarcerated in Georgia


  • In 2012 3,904 females were incarcerated in Georgia


  • Women represent 9% of the overall prison population in Georgia


  • Women are the fastest growing population


  • Pathways to crime for female offenders include a long history of sexual and/or physical abuse, unhealthy relationships, substance  abuse


  • Approximately 50% have been physically abused/ Approximately 45% have a history of sexual abuse/ Drugs were involved in 75% of the female convictions

Did you Know?

A group gathers in a meeting, directing their attention to two women who are standing at adjacent tables.